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Why and When to Buy? Sell? Hold? Your Stocks

The economy is not at all static,it wa always dynamic. It keeps on changing every day and in every minute. Though, the most strange thing about these changes is that they can never be correctly predicted. One major reason in lack of ability to correctly predict the changes in the share market is that, the changes do not take place in any exacting cycle. In other words, you should know which is the the correct time to make a particular decision. For example, when and why you sell?buy?hold? your stocks –you should know the proper reason and proper timing before doing anything.

In addition, the changes are very regular. Today, you might be happy with your success in the Indian stock market and the next day itself, you may lose. If you are planning to invest in the Share market, you have to prepare yourself for these frequent changes. You should know the Right time to make right decision.