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NSE Bank Nifty February Future Levels for 27th Feb’13

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  • Trading as per support and resistance levels may be quite useful for intraday trading in commodities.
  • Resistance is termed as the level where the commodity generally gets some opposite force before it can go further up.
  •  A support is the level where a Commodity get buying interest before it can fall further.
  • Under the normal market conditions or in the absence of some extremely panic news the support and the resistance levels can act as good levels for initiating the buying/selling.
  • In general, it is advisable to buy the commodities at support levels and sell at the resistance levels.
  • In Intraday, there are few support and resistance levels known as Support1, Support2, Resistance1, Resistance2, etc
NSE Bank Nifty February Future Levels for 27th Feb’13
Bank Nifty Future Levels for 27h Feb’13
Pivot Level = 11890
Support1 11775 Resistance1 11959
Support2 11705 Resistance2 12074
Support3 11591 Resistance3 12144