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Why Lose Money ?

Why Retail Investors Lose Money in commodity market ?

  • He is among the last few people to enter into the Bull Run
  • He keeps on changing a single commodity
  • Never put the stop loss in the system
  • Always, the first one to exit from the commodity which are in the bull run, with minimum profit
  • Don’t have a habit of trading with robotics mechanism
  • By doing Emotional Trading, Holding the positions in Loss and cutting down the positions early in profit
  • Lack of homework before entering in a commodity market
  • Lack of resources about the movements and news which affects the commodity market
  • Too much greed from a single commodity
  • Day Dreaming in commodity market also makes him suffer huge losses
  • Never traded with the trend of the markets
  • Fear in going shorts in commodity
  • Was not able to stay away from the market when is is sideways
  • Didn’t invested money in sectors which are outperforming the index
  • Listening to rumors and investing money there.